As an Entrepreneur or Owner of an e-commerce business, do you ever asked yourself! Why I will need a social media manager?

If not, ask today.

So, here thing came first. Watching 30 minutes or a maximum of 2 hours of video on YouTube, you will able to post or maintain your social platforms. If you find out some specified video for running Facebook and Instagram ads, you can do it.

Then why you will need someone to hire?

Here is the thing, knowing some matrices or using tools, doesn’t make you an expert of something & in terms of digital marketing, it’s the ocean. It’s a road to go deep into this.

Let’s give you a daily basis example, which may well understandable for you.

Suppose you are facing a fever for 2 days. What you will do, you may take paracetamol. If this medicine doesn’t work out for you, you may well go to a local Pharmacy & discuss your problem. But after all those, you are still sick. Then you will be determined to go to a specialist.

So, here is my point. If you are determined to rigorous growth for your business, then you must follow guidance from an expert.

But, don’t fall into the trap of so-called marketing experts. In today’s world, each person claims to be an expert. As I said before, knowing some tactics doesn’t make someone an expert.

If you asked me, bro are you an expert?

Even my mentor doesn’t dare to call himself an expert. So, I am just learning by going deep down this digital marketing ocean.

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