It’s been around 2 years of the Digital Marketing field. I am practicing new tactics & doing work for my clients.

I notice one thing when it’s a call from Google ads marketing, most of my clients get confused between Display & Search Ads.

B2B marketing by Facebook Ads, it’s really a big challenge. Many times digital marketing agencies get stack when they try to “ROI drove B2B marketing”

There has no such formula to make a perfect audience for B2B marketing. So, what should you do?

Let’s make it simple to you with…

Anyone can relate to the word “display”

Display advertising is all about showing your content to your expected or future customers. But, we need to understand how to display adverting work & where need to use this type of ad.

Marketers used this type of use, with a custom banner

As an Entrepreneur or Owner of an e-commerce business, do you ever asked yourself! Why I will need a social media manager?

If not, ask today.

So, here thing came first. Watching 30 minutes or a maximum of 2 hours of video on YouTube, you will able to post or…

Digital marketing is a great way to lead a life

Do you know the meaning of Digital Marketer?

Marketing all start from your mindset, each of single things you relate in your real life, if you know how to put them in right place, that could be a great way of self express and we can bring those pieces into marketing, not only in marketing but also in digital marketing.

Social media marketing plan are now numerous in number & each one wants to play safe game here, but when you want get the best out of something, then you should take bigger risk.

So, those people could be a big game changer, who are keeping themselves always up-to-date with proper knowledge.

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Always be ready to invest in yourself.

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1.Set up Facebook Pixel to properly track your ads.
2.Choose the right marketing objectives.
3.Choose and properly segment audiences.
4.Use Multiple Facebook Ad Formats.
5.Optimize for placements and delivery.
6.Bid and Budget Optimization.
7.Creatively Design for your ads.
8.A/B Split Testing.
9.Analyze your data.

Focus on those 8 steps to make a Killer Cold Email Campaign.

1. Find the Right Contact
2. Choose the Right Time
3. Pick the Right Subject
4. Make it Personal
5. But not TOO Personal
6. Provide Social Proof
7. State Your Purpose Clearly
8. Follow Up

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Tohin Ahmed Shohag

Better Living Through Digital Marketing. A Digital Marketer, who worked with proven marketing strategy

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